Teaching and Learning

The curriculum used by Southern Autistic School was developed by staff with consideration of DET resources and a knowledge of the specific learning needs of students who have ASD. The school based curriculum allows teachers to write individual learning plans that enable parents, teachers and the student to monitor stages of learning.

Teachers meet with parents and carers four times per year to review student individual education plans through student support group meetings.

Our early education program is implementing strategies from the Early Start Denver Model with training for staff provided by Latrobe University. The Early Start Denver Model is an individually tailored developmental, behavioural and relationship-based intervention program, designed for use in a naturalistic and inclusive group environment.

Primary aged literacy and numeracy curriculum is augmented with cyclic inquiry based learning topics which allow for the provision of teaching discipline-based and physical, personal and social learning. Teaching staff plan curriculum and assessment tools based on the range of student abilities allowing for individualised program planning and reporting.

The school's secondary program has implemented SPEC Curriculum. SPEC courses provide a framework for a self directed approach to learning and a focus on general capability development.