Southern Autistic School is a school committed to the development of the whole person and to the provision of a school environment that nurtures the growth of all individuals towards autonomy as participating members of society.  To achieve this aim our school embraces the following values and is committed to their development at all levels within the school community.

  • Co-operation
  • Mutual Respect
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Social Equality
  • Self Discipline


The Student Code of Conduct reflects the school’s student welfare and discipline policy and the values espoused in the school’s vision statement.  It aims to develop co-operative attitudes and respect for other people and their property.  This is part of the overall educational objective of self-discipline that permits freedom within limits for all.  To this end, students are involved in developing school and class rules and consequences.  The school has programs to enhance self worth and to encourage the care and consideration of others.

This code also acknowledges the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 that supports racial and religious tolerance and prohibits vilification on the grounds of race or religion.

The key to effective discipline is balancing disciplinary action with encouragement of students’ commendable and appropriate behaviour.  Our policy is based on the following rights and the complimentary responsibilities:

Students have the right to:

  • feel safe and secure
  • be valued and respected
  • to learn, work and play without interference, intimidation, bullying or harassment
  • learn to make choices
  • learn to take considered risks
  • be faced with appropriate challenges
  • be accepted as an individual and treated respectfully
  • to express a view point in a socially acceptable manner
  • have their property respected

Students have responsibilities to:

  • learn and comply with the school and class rules
  • attend class prepared to learn and to allow others to learn without interference
  • treat others with respect and resolve differences through discussion and compromise
  • take care of own and others property

All staff have a right to:

  • work in a safe, orderly and co-operative environment

The principal and staff have a responsibility to:

  • implement the code of conduct fairly, reasonably and consistently

Parents have a right to:

  • expect that their child will be educated in a secure environment where care, courtesy and respect for others are encouraged

Parents have a responsibility to:

  • support the school in its efforts to maintain a productive teaching and learning environment

A right is defined as something belonging to you and cannot be taken away by anyone.
A responsibility is defined as a basic expectation to be fulfilled without constant instruction or direction.

School Rules:

  • Remain in school grounds unless accompanied by a staff member
  • Respect others by using appropriate language and manners
  • Work as well as you can and allow others to do the same
  • Move, play and work safely in the classrooms and playgrounds -  Throwing of objects likely to cause injury to others is not permitted
  • Care for yourself and others
  • Respect and care for equipment and property

Given these essential and non-negotiable rules, each teacher will support students to establish a class set of rules to ensure the safety and uninterrupted education of students in their care.  School rules will be displayed around the school and class rules within individual classrooms.

Our school considers that a positive approach to behavioural development is desirable to foster a school climate within which personal responsibility and self-discipline will be developed.  It is expected that the parents will work with the school to develop children’s self esteem that will encourage the formation of friendships, make children responsible for their own actions and develop a pleasant, secure and happy environment for all.
At Southern Autistic School there is an expectation that staff members apply the following strategies to create an atmosphere of order and cooperation.

Staff will:

  • foster the values of respect by modelling appropriate behaviour and developing warm, supportive and positive relationships with students
  • develop close partnerships between home and school and support parents in their understanding of relevant school philosophy, policy and practice
  • display sensitivity to the home environment and the effects critical family events have on a student’s behaviour
  • establish and maintain high expectations of student behaviour
  • promote self discipline through the establishment and application of consequence for choice
  • identify and acknowledge appropriate behaviour using encouragement
  • where appropriate, provide class meetings as a forum for the discussion of issues of student / teacher concern, a vehicle for group decision making and the establishment of social order i.e. agreed behavioural expectations.
  • maintain a school and classroom climate that promotes personal growth and positive self esteem for all
  • establish a school and classroom climate that promotes cooperation rather than competition

We are committed to the following strategies to encourage the understanding of the concept of choices and the development of responsibility and self worth:

  • appropriate personal development programs
  • realistic expectations
  • encouraging awareness and understanding of school rules
  • open, effective collaboration between school and home
  • encouragement to improve self esteem
  • acknowledgement of student achievement
  • adequate and appropriate supervision
  • opportunity for the student to accept responsibility for his / her actions – development of Individual Support Plans as appropriate
  • implementation of the school’s Promoting Positive Behaviour – Risk Management Procedures / Strategies


Bullying is seen as a serious breach of the Student Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.