About Our School

Welcome to Southern Autistic School

Southern Autistic School provides a caring, supportive and safe environment where all students are encouraged to achieve their personal best. Our committed staff are highly qualified and committed to delivering high quality teaching and learning programs. We do this through focusing strongly on inclusion and working with our local community and agencies to create an environment that is both welcoming and nurturing for our students. We value our parent community and seek at all times to strengthen the links between home and school through promoting strong and valued partnerships with families.

Inclusive schooling ensures that all children participate meaningfully while learning and interacting in programs that acknowledge each child's strengths and interests, so that they are supported to be active members of their community.

Each student’s personalised learning journey reflects a holistic view of learning which is student centered and is focused on helping each student reach their potential.

The school focuses upon enriching activities across all curriculum areas based on careful multi-professional assessment of individual student's needs. 

Southern Autistic School is a positive, friendly and welcoming school for learners with ASD.

We look beyond what each student needs to learn, to how they learn best.  We want learning to be meaningful, purposeful, engaging and relevant to each student’s culture and life beyond school.

In addition to a dedicated staff of teachers and Education Support staff we have skilled and committed therapists, a social worker and psychologist as part of our team.

At SAS we follow the Victorian Curriculum and personalise it so it meets each student’s unique learning profile. This includes a focus on literacy and numeracy, and communication skills as well as the Key Capabilities. We are planning to offer VCAL to some of our Senior Students in 2020.

SAS prides itself on providing a wide range of learning opportunities outside the classroom. These are opportunities for students to apply their learning in real life settings.  

Partnerships with parents and families are integral to our approach to education so you are encouraged to come in and visit our school. Please ring and make an appointment to meet with me or a member of our leadership team if you would like to look around the school.  We always enjoy an opportunity to share our great school whenever we can.  I am incredibly proud to be the Principal of this wonderful school.  I invite you to browse through our website and learn a little more about our school.  

If you would like to know more please contact the school office.

Bruce McPhate